Editorial: The demise of the Signpost


For some time now, the Signpost has been slowing down. First, the weekly publications dropped to every two weeks, then to monthly. The last issue was published in February. With the upcoming board elections, there has been renewed interest in reading the Signpost, but in writing it, not so much.

Some of the problems are obvious: the controversies that have swirled around it in the last year, and had negative impact for volunteers who did participate, and the constant turnover of editors-in-chief. Others are not so obvious: the reasons for the lack of introspection over the process itself, and the reasons for not having exchanged email addresses ahead of time, so they don’t have to have these awkward conversations in public.

Whether their problems are technical or personal, it looks like they are not going to publish before the election is over. So, for what it’s worth, I offer this first, and perhaps last issue of The Citation. Cheers.



The Citation

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