Citation still needed

Welcome back to the Citation.   After a quiet start, a routine has started to develop.  For the summer at least, a monthly publishing schedule has worked out for the best.  We have been a little late with August, in order to be able to bring some report from the Montreal Wikimania doings. We have also welcomed some feature posts, either with a byline, or with a simple anonymous “staff” authorship.

Our feature this month is of course Wikimania, and we have an eyewitness account.

While the summer has been slow, with staff and volunteers getting ready for the annual Wikimania conference, the rest of the world has been busy discussing Wikipedia. Korea arrested someone for their Wikipedia edits.  An entire fake country was born and went to war, using honey and lard sandwiches, and of course its own Wikipedia article.  The open source movement lost one of its own: developer Bassel Khartabil.   And an Israeli pop star wrote a hit single called “Wikipedia”.

For desert, or for when the news gets too oppressive, there are always plenty of soothing images from the Wikimedia Commons’ ongoing photo contests.

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