Around Wikimedia: citations, Wikidata, and the strategy process

What’s happening around the movement:

Adding citations with ISBNs: “You can now add automatically generated citations to millions of books on Wikipedia” By Jake Orlowitz

The WMF response to Turkey censorship of Wikipedia: “Wikimedia Foundation urges Turkish authorities to restore access to Wikipedia“, by Katherine Maher

The Wikimedia strategy process continues, “Wikimedia strategy: what has been done, and where are we going?“, by Guillaume Paumier

Technology: a new tool, still in Beta, to make patrolling more newbie-friendly, “Powerful new search tools help edit patrollers find their targets“, by Joe Matazzoni

A tutorial on Wikidata delivered by Asaf Bartov, “A Gentle Introduction to Wikidata for Absolute Beginners (including non-techies!

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