New trustees: Sefidari, Jemielniak, and Heilman

The votes have been counted, all 5,127 of them, and the results are in.

The three new members of the Board of Trustees are María Sefidari (User:Raystorm), Dariusz Jemielniak (User:Pundit), and James Heilman (User:Doc James).

The top candidate, both in terms of the most votes and the highest percentage of support votes, was María Sefidari, but the new board members all came within a percentage point of each other, with the next closest competitor more than three percentage points away.

This is a clear signal of confidence from the volunteer community, both for Heilman, who was removed from the board in 2016 under questionable and quite unpleasant circumstances, and for Sefidari, who was appointed rather than elected to fill Heilman’s vacant seat.

We asked the new board members to comment on the future of the Wikimedia movement and the board.  Dariusz Jemielniak, and James Heilman responded, and their statements can be read at Does Wikipedia have a governance crisis? Interview with new trustees Dariusz Jemielniak and James Heilman.


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